International Poster Making Contest'24

Let Your Creativity Take Flight

Join Our International Poster Making Contest and showcase your artistic skills! Express your imagination and bring your ideas to life with colorful posters that convey positive messages and promote important values. This is a chance for kids to show off their artistic talents and inspire others with their unique perspective. So come, grab your paints and pencils, and let your creativity soar!

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The canvas is yours, make it count

Posters as a type of visual art have become an important tool for advertising and promoting a plethora of causes. It is in fact a scientifically proven fact that posters have the potential to effectively expand knowledge, change attitudes and alter behaviors. GEMA believes it would be a relevant measure to utilize the creative thinking and aesthetic skills of young artists across the world in propagating different powerful messages.

In light of this, we’d like to offer a warm welcome to all the budding artists to participate in this Poster-Making competition and use their creative minds to create art that inspires. So, pick up your art supplies, turn on your graphic tablets and create breathtaking posters on the theme!

We welcome entries in the form of digital submissions, hand-drawn sketches, paintings with any medium, and illustrations.

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Think outside the box and create something extraordinary in our poster competition. 

Check Out Our Videos to understand the contest better. Show off your talent and creativity in our poster making challenge!

Speak through your creativity - Create, Inspire, and Win


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